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Cornhole League

Join our Summer, Spring and Fall Cornhole League at The Barrel every Tuesday night at 6:30pm and runs for 8-10 weeks. One-time $20 buy-in per team ($10 per person). Email for more information.

  • Two people per team with your own team name.
  • Teams will play 3 games per week & we will keep track of overall points. At the end of the league the top 8 or so teams will advance to the double elimination championship. The winner receives a prize as well as the second place. There is a winners & losers bracket.
  • The first person to get exactly to 21 wins. The teams will report their scores.
  • GoogleDocs will have team standings & team schedules.
  • If you or your teammate cannot make it one week you are allowed to bring a substitute.
  • If your team does not show up one week without informing us, your team will loose 5 overall points.
  • If you are unable to make a week & let us know in advance there will be make-up games.
  • If you make it to every week, at the end of the league your team will receive 10 extra points.

Band Schedule

June 5th – Cryin' Out Loud
June 6th – Southbound
June 13th
Otep with...
The ReAktion
Before the Betrayer
Jesus Christ and the Hallucinogenic Allstars
Oo Purifier Oo
June 19th – Fulton Chain Gang
June 20th – Grand Central
June 27th – Beadle Bros

July 11th – Grit N Whiskey
July 18th – Chris Dukes Band
July 25th – The Schmooze

August 1st – Skeeter Creek
August 8th – Grand Central
August 15th – Crazie Head Mazie
August 22nd – Rattlesnake
August 29th – Good Sir


Dart League (Winter)
Cornhole (Summer)
Buy One Get One Domestic Beers
Happy Hour 7-8pm - Enjoy a Beer on our patio while your dogs get an hour of socializing!
Join us for Happy Hour from 3pm to 7pm!
$3 Domestic Cans
$5 Well Drinks
Friday Night Band 10PM
Live Music 10PM
$5 Fully Loaded Bloody Marys and $3 Off Select Appetizers
$3 Fireball Shots until 10pm
PBR Cans of Beer $2